Ruben Hoeksma

Ruben Hoeksma

Universität Bremen
FB3: Mathematik/Informatik
28359 Bremen

Office: MZH 3320
Phone: +49 (421) 218-63584

Office hours: by appointment


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Journal articles

Approximation Algorithms for Connected Graph Factors of Minimum Weight. K. Cornelissen, R. Hoeksma, B. Manthey, N.S. Narayanaswamy, C.S. Rahul, and M. Waanders. Theory of Computing., 2016.
Optimal Mechanism Design for a Sequencing Problem with Two-Dimensional Types R. Hoeksma and M. Uetz. Operations Research, 64(6):1438-1450, 2016.
Efficient implementation of Carathéodory’s theorem for the single machine scheduling polytope R. Hoeksma, B. Manthey, and M. Uetz. Discrete Applied Mathematics, 215:136-145, 2016.

Peer-reviewed conference papers

Network Congestion Games are Robust to Variable Demand J. Correa, R. Hoeksma, and M. Schröder. Presented at: The 13th Conference on Web and Internet Economics, WINE 2017, Bangalore, India, December 17-20, 2017. (Will not appear in proceedings).
Posted price mechanisms for a random stream of customers. J. Correa, P. Foncea, R. Hoeksma, T. Oosterwijk, and T. Vredeveld. The 2017 ACM conference on Economics and Computation, EC’17, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, June 26-30, 2017. Proceedings, pp. 169--186. ACM, 2017.
A QPTAS for the general scheduling problem with identical release dates. A. Antoniadis, R. Hoeksma, J. Meissner, J. Verschae, and A. Wiese. The 44rd International Colloquium on Automata, Languages and Programming, ICALP 2017, vol. 80 LIPIcs, pp. 31:1--31:14. Dagstuhl, Germany, 2017.
Decomposition algorithm for the single machine scheduling polytope. R. Hoeksma, B. Manthey, and M. Uetz. Combinatorial Optimization: Third International Symposium, ISCO 2014, Lisbon, Portugal, 5-7 March, 2014. Revised Selected Papers, pp. 280--291. Springer International Publishing, 2014.
Approximability of Connected Factors. K. Cornelissen, R. Hoeksma, B. Manthey, N.S. Narayanaswamy, and C.S. Rahul. Approximation and Online Algorithms: 11th International Workshop, WAOA 2013, Sophia Antipolis, France, September 5-6, 2013. Revised Selected Papers, pp. 120--131. Springer International Publishing, 2014.
Two dimensional optimal mechanism design for a sequencing problem. R. Hoeksma and M. Uetz. Integer Programming and Combinatorial Optimization: 16th International Conference, IPCO 2013, Valparaíso, Chile, March 18-20, 2013. Proceedings, pp. 242--253. Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 2013.
The price of anarchy for minsum related machine scheduling. R. Hoeksma and M. Uetz. Approximation and Online Algorithms: 9th International Workshop, WAOA 2011, Saarbrücken, Germany, September 8-9, 2011. Revised Selected Papers, pp. 261--273. Springer International Publishing, 2012.


Mechanisms for scheduling games with selfish players. R. Hoeksma PhD thesis, University of Twente. CTIT Ph.D.- thesis series No. 14-342, 2015.
Price of anarchy for machine scheduling games with sum of completion times objective. R. Hoeksma R. Hoeksma, University of Twente. MSc Thesis, 2010.