Dr. Syamantak Das - Publications


Universität Bremen
FB3: Mathematik/Informatik
Bibliothekstr. 5.
28359 Bremen

Office: MZH 3320
Phone: +49 (421) 218-63581

Office hours: by appointment

Refereed conference publications

  • On Minimizing the Makespan when Some Jobs Cannot be Scheduled on the Same Machine (with Andreas Wiese)
    To appear in Proc. of ESA, 2017.
  • Beyond Metric Embedding : Approximating Group Steiner Trees on Bounded Treewidth Graphs (with P. Chalermsook, B. Laekhanukit and D. Vaz)
    SODA 2017
  • Rejecting Jobs to Minimize Load and Flow-time (with A. Roy Choudhury, N. Garg and A. Kumar)
    SODA 2015
  • Minimizing Weighted Lp-norm of Flow-time in the Rejection Model (with A. Roy Choudhury and A. Kumar)
    FSTTCS 2015
  • Journal publications

    • Minimizing Average Flow-time under Knapsack Constraint (with Suman K Bera and Amit Kumar)
      Theoretical Computer Science, 2016.